I have been in the automotive world my entire life. I grew up around Duesenbergs, Stanley Steamers, Cords and a gigantic, yellow 1912 touring Fiat! Horseless Carriage Club magazines were always on the coffee table.

I worked at my family-owned service station, remember those? Someone checked your oil for you and washed your windows!

Today, I own and operate an independent Porsche shop, specializing in the 356 model.

Over the last couple of years, I have been getting more involved in managing small car collections. I started of course with Porsches and now, it’s a full range of marquees.

The collections all had one common issue, lousy record keeping. Owners of the cars, don’t record needed information when they return from an event or a simple drive. I would get “to-dos” on sticky notes on windshields that I couldn’t read or understand.

So now I have created an app that does just what I need it to do and it’s right there on our phone! I designed it for the person that drives the cars and for the owner of the cars.

My collection customers are happy because My eGarage is easy to use, information about their collection is right there on their phone and I am happy because they are. That is as good as it gets!

Ed Rutherford

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